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Local Phoenix SEO vs National SEO

As a local SEO company, our focus is to help other local small businesses rank as high as possible on the search engines. If you are a local professional, it can be challenging to be number 1 on Google for broad phrases which have to do with your industry. Because of this, bigger national companies tend to dominate the first page of rankings. With our expertise in local optimization for search engines, we are able to take your local company and out rank the big boys for local searches. We do this by branding you and your company as the authoritative voice in your industry. We are able to brand your website as the number 1 resource in Arizona for your services. This can be a very powerful tool for your sales process.

Content Marketing vs Internet Marketing

Search engine optimization is being driven by user experience. Google is focused on delivering websites to the top of the search results which users will find the most helpful. This is usually determined with how close of a match the website content is to the search phrases the users typed in. There is no better way to show high value and building an authoritative voice than quality and high quantity content. A few questions you should ask yourself: How good is the content in your marketing plan? What are you doing to share the content? Is the content written just for marketing purpose, or does it fulfill a real need?

Conversion Marketing Is More Important Than Traffic Marketing

Your company does not profit on traffic. I can bet if you are a business owner wanting a good ROI on marketing, you could careless on eye balls. The first question you ask yourself is what my chances are on making money because of the marketing efforts. This is our focus. Very few marketing companies require their employees to have business degrees like we do. This is not just fun in the sand to do marketing. It is about driving conversions which carry results. Your website needs to be centralized around effective call-to-actions. We develop your funnel to capture the leads and get them to be customers.

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