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Finding the Right Fit in a Digital Marketing Company

Friday December 29th 2017

Choosing the right digital marketing company is no different than choosing to hire a particular employee. After all, the hope should be that this will be a long, on-going relationship with your business. You wouldn’t want to start over with a new agency every time you don’t get the results you expected. Let’s explore five […]

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How SEO’s Find High Traffic Keywords To Target

Tuesday November 15th 2016

How SEO’s Find High Traffic Keywords To Target Total Read Time: 4 Minutes Helping Your SEO With Strategic Keywords Finding More Customers By Identifying The Best Keywords To Rank For In the past, ranking for keywords was fairly easy. It could be complete junk content on the page, but as long as the keyword were […]

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What Are Buyer Personas and Why Do I Need Them?

Thursday November 03rd 2016

Total Read Time: 5 Minutes What Are Buyer Personas and Why Do I Need Them? Helping Your SEO With Strategic Messaging Creating A Deeper Understanding of your Customers Developing a deeper understanding of your customer is so important today in a world flooded with constant selling; billboards, TV, web and radio advertisements, even in your […]

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Google Local Listings Update That Could Affect Your Business

Thursday August 20th 2015

Updates to Google’s Local Search Results- Could this mean less visibility for your brand? Google has made some changes that could affect your rankings in Google local search results. These Google search results are used when a user is searching from a specific location, Phoenix for example. The results we formerly saw in local search […]

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