Marketing Automation

What Is Marketing Automation?

An intelligent marketing automation system combines your content marketing and lead generation processes. It’s function is to nurture prospects using informative, personalized content that helps convert leads to consumers of your information, and turns those consumers into purchasing clients. This automation is used to organize and optimize each step in the consumer buying process including initial lead capture all the way through your sales funnel.

Each company has different automation needs depending on their size, budget and goals. The automation process can be extremely complex with functionality that can be tested, segmented, analyzed and tracked. The harsh reality is that many marketing automation campaigns fail because of a lack of time, effort, and resources needed to implement and maintain the campaign growth. LocalWork Marketing automation specialists have an in-depth knowledge of the automation process that, when used with consistent, alluring content, will produce exceptional campaign outcomes.

Many companies fail to realize they are buying an automation tool, not a solution.

LocalWork Marketing is your marketing automation solution.

Our Formula For Successful Automation Campaigns

The marketing automation process has several working parts that make up a successful automation strategy, however there are two structural pieces of the puzzle to acknowledge in order to scale your strategy as your customer base evolves.

Understand the consumer on the receiving end of your marketing messages.

Instead of using various platforms such as social media, blogs or email to share your messaging, utilize these platforms to learn unique information about your consumers and their interests. Leverage this behavioral data and marketing tools to connect with the consumer beyond tracking their opens and clicks.

Marketing automation does not replace your marketing and lead generation efforts, instead it utilizes your existing success.

It’s important to first understand your prospect’s needs and oppositions. From this understanding you can build a pipeline by creating relevant, optimized content. This builds the inbound marketing foundation you’ll need to create your marketing funnel.

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