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Search Engine Marketing


What Is Search Engine Marketing (SEM)?

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is a term used to describe marketing efforts within search engines to increase visibility and website traffic. SEM was once a blanket statement used to describe both organic and paid search results, but has evolved to encompass only ‘Paid Search’; buying traffic through paid listings.

Below are some commonly used industry terms to describe the SEM functions:


Managing Your SEM Campaign

SEM is an extremely valuable tool that brings your business to the forefront of consumers actively searching for your services. Successful paid search campaigns begin with determining the most influential keywords pertaining to your service, product or industry. After initial keyword research, LocalWork Marketing creates a paid search ad campaign that yields the highest return in website traffic.

Receiving the best return on your SEM investment is more than setting your campaign and sitting back to reap the benefits. Without proper management, your campaign can be costing your business time, and money. Our SEM experts are experienced in modifying and analyzing your paid search campaign to increase your visibility, reduce PPC costs, and enhance your ROI.

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