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What Is Social Media Marketing?

Social media marketing describes a strategic marketing approach in gaining traffic and attention through social networks. These social networks help businesses reach more customers and help the customers interact with the brand.

Social media can help with communication and branding goals like:

Social media shouldn’t be a sound board for pushy advertising, but instead it should be treated as an extension of the businesses lifestyle and ideals- not just a requirement. By tapping into a customers interest you can show your audience who you are, not just tell them.

Developing A Social Media Strategy That Increases Engagement

There is no definitive guide to how you engage with your audience via social networks. The process of creating any successful social media campaign begins with developing brand recognition and trust among your audience. Our content creation experts at LocalWork Marketing have boiled down these important aspects of great social media content:

Building The Fundamentals

Creating a plan inline with your business goals.

Target Audience

Finding and understanding your core audience.

Sharing Your Story

Telling your company story and history.

Content Distribution

Determining which platforms your consumer identifies with.

Joining The Conversation

Are you listening and answering your consumers questions?

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