Web Development

What Is Web Development?

Web Development reaches far beyond simple website design; it’s the difference between throwing a bullet, and shooting one. Website development can range from simple, static plain text pages, to large dynamic websites with complex functionality. A more in-depth look into the functions of web development may include web design, web content development, custom CRM databases, and integrated marketing programs and e-commerce development.

Think of your favorite website; it could be social media, a blog or an ecommerce store, all of your favorite online platforms were built by web developers. It all boils down to a process of building an appealing and functional website that’s user friendly for consumers, which in turn yields high conversion rates for your business. The web development begins with LocalWork Marketing experts analyzing your web needs and identifying the features and technologies necessary to achieve your specific business goals.

Creating powerful, appealing websites for your consumer with unique coding and complex functionality abilities to achieve your web development goals.

Areas of Web Development Focus


User interface and experience is the top priority for all website development at LocalWork Marketing. Our programmers use their abilities to create innovative design and user-engagement strategies to construct a site with captivating graphics that are inline with your company branding and target customer.


Understanding functionality and goals is our primary focus.  Our creative team is engaged throughout the entire process to ensure the scope of work delivers the performance metrics we define during our strategy stage.  Having a perfected strategy with workflow, and process outlines, saves our clients a tremendous amount of headaches and money.  This keeps everyone inline with goals to reduce any waste of time and get the projected completed quickly.


Our website developers have the flexibility to combine many coding languages including PHP, XHTML, CSS, CMS, AJAX, MySQL, JQuery, and more into one comprehensive site. This knowledge is carried throughout the development process in client-side and server-side coding, and database technologies.

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